We opened the Meme Museum to give you the chance to get up close and personal with the memes you use and love every day. And the exhibition is designed to bring the best and the modifiability of the internet together with the reality of offline space. To sum it up, it’s like the internet, but offline.


 Over 150 square metres, you’ll find countless memes, some you can ride, some you can sit in and of course you can make your own. Plus, you’ll have a wealth of fun facts to add to your stay. You can also learn about the history of a meme and the original creators. Memes are for everyone, fun is a way of expressing emotions.




Price on weekdays

As much as you think

HUF ????
  • Enjoy the memes and the interactive exhibition and when you come out, pay a fee that you feel is worth it to you. This is your contribution to our survival.

The average we usually get

HUF 2500
  • it's about 7 euro

Price on weekends

Under the age of 18

HUF 2500
  • it's like 7 Euro

Over the age of 18

HUF 3000
  • it's about 9 euro